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Please read full details about modified 225HP EGR OFF EDC15VM PLUS ECU file HW: 0281011386 SW: 1037367176
Make Audi
Model A6
Engine 2.5 TDI
Power 132KW (179.5HP)
HW 0281011386
SW 1037367176
Year 2003
Flasher MPPS
Modification Type 225HP EGR OFF
Modified file size 1MB
All files size in the archive 2048 KB (2097152 B)
Complete archive size 572 KB (585252 B)
Creation Date 09.02.2020
File Name
Transfer Price 190.00 €
Payment Method Paypal
Extension of modified file BIN
Compressed Extension .zip
Read me !!! Disconnect EGR and blank it.
Other notes Engine code: BDH, additional ECU information: 8E0907401N
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